Feb 13

Valentine’s Day: its all about chemistry

LGC products and services are used in all aspects of people’s day to day lives, even on Valentine’s Day. Whatever you’re doing this Valentine’s Day, there’s a good chance one of our offerings is helping to make your evening magical, without you even realising.

Romantic dinner for two:

Whether you’re indulging yourself at a top restaurant or having a romantic home-cooked meal, the food on your plate will have gone through various tests before you consume it. LGC measures the levels of pesticides present on the fresh fruit and vegetables you eat. We also have facilities that check for food authenticity
so you can be sure of what you’re eating.bar

Open a bottle:

You’re probably enjoying a bottle of wine with your romantic meal. LGC carried out a wine genotyping project to determine how different species of yeast can give different qualities to wine. If you’re teetotal, you may be washing your food down with some water. We provide services to check the purity of the water you drink.


Whether you’re giving, receiving or simply wearing, jewellery is a Valentine’s Day essential. LGC tests jewellery for the release of nickel.

Sitting in front of the TV:

Valentine’s Day not your thing? Or maybe its just better for your wallet to have a quiet night in, in front of the TV. LGC provides Florisil, which is used for the production of LCD screens.

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