Mar 20

Ultrasensitive immunoassays using single molecule counting technology

Singulex Erenna2Traditional ELISA-based immunoassays have struggled to determine baseline endogenous concentrations for many biomarkers. The Erenna® Immunoassay System is based on the same principles as a plate-based sandwich ELISA but offers 50-1000 fold greater sensitivity through a combination of microparticle bead (MB) capture and single molecule counting of fluorescently labelled detection molecules. MB’s have the dual benefit of having a larger surface area for analyte capture and an elution step which can concentrate the analyte into a smaller volume.

This SMC™ technology platform enables the detection of changes in levels of low abundance biomarkers to support early decision-making and complete PK profiles for protein biotherapeutics.

We have evaluated initially the Erenna instrument at LGC using human IL-6 kits commercially available from Singulex. We have then validated the system and used to develop/validate PK/PD assays in multiple matrixes.

At Biomarkers Congress and the EBF Symposium, our drug development services team presented a poster on:  Ultrasensitive immunoassays using single molecule counting technology

Download the poster to find out more about:

  • Typical assay procedure
  • Single molecule counting
  • Method development
  • Results and conclusions

If you have any questions or would like further information, please visit drug development services or contact us.


Article contributed by Salvatore Scarpaci, Senior Scientist, LGC and Michael Naughton, Scientist, LGC.

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