May 11

Hot off the press: Catalyst newsletter is out now

Have you ever wondered about the causes of water pollution or how we can find a solution to drug resistant diseases?

Catalyst-2015-thumbnailTo learn about these and other measurement issues, download the latest issue of Catalyst, a newsletter which brings you highlights of LGC’S activities as a designated National Measurement Institute (NMI) under the UK National Measurement System.

Our work at LGC spans various scientific disciplines with many of our research areas highlighted in this issue of Catalyst. For example, we reveal if DNA sequencing is the solution in the fight against drug resistant diseases, provide an insight into the study of nanomaterials, as well as a two-page feature describing how LGC scientists are using measurement research to help improve the quality of water supplies

All of this and more is included in the latest issue of Catalyst, which is available to download from the NMI section of the LGC website today.

Blog written by Priya Kudhail

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