Aug 20

How safe is your BBQ? This is how LGC makes sure that it is.

It’s not been the best of summers here in the UK but hopefully you’ve managed to enjoy a BBQ or two…

But do you know how safe your BBQ is? Do you know exactly what is on the menu? LGC helps to make sure that your summer BBQ is safe and only makes use of products you can rely on.

Let’s look at how LGC provides a safer BBQ experience for all. To begin with we have tested, refereed and developed reference materials for the identification of meat species, so companies know that they are providing only top quality meat to you.Summer BBQ

We also offer a complete range of reference standards for detection of potentially deadly marine biotoxins in fish and seafood, so you can feel at ease about what you eat. Not only that, but LGC, working in partnership with ATCC, are able to offer 15000 bacterial cultures which include E. coli and Salmonella used in food quality control. Proficiency testing schemes run by LGC are the top choice of many companies to ensure their products are produced and tested to the best of standards for their customers.

Do you suffer from hay fever? We produce over 10000 pharmaceutical reference standards and impurities, including for antihistamines for hay fever so you can go outside and enjoy those sunny days. And we have a whole range of impurity standards for those painkillers that you might need to treat the after-effects of your party!

Don’t forget about sun screen: LGC offers certified reference materials for titanium dioxide, which is a key component in your SPF to make sure you’re protected on the outside too.

The list goes on: polymer reference materials, disc chips, powdered metal reference materials for the safety and quality of the metal industry, detection of genetically modified organisms in crops and pesticide reference materials are just a few of the BBQ-related compounds we specialise in.

To find out in more detail how LGC makes sure you will have a safe and fun BBQ this summer check out this animation on our website.

Enjoy the rest of the summer!

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