Sep 08

World Seafood Conference 2015

Managing director of Michael Walker Consulting Ltd Michael gave a talk on the 8th of September, at the World Seafood Conference in Grimsby, UK which will run between the 5th and the 10th.


Michael Walker and Ivan Bartolo, Seafish Industry Authority, at the Authorities Training Stand

This conference aims to build on existing partnerships and create new links between the International Association of Fish Inspectors (IAFI) members and all seafood professionals and specialists to benefit global seafood trade. It also aims to profile innovation in seafood and provide opportunities of participation by all economies involved in the seafood trade. Sustainability and ethical governance were also high on the agenda. Michael gave a talk on supply chain integrity after the Elliot Review.

The talk covered various areas around food safety and food fraud, and how the term “food crime” is now being widely accepted with cooperation to put barriers in the way of criminal infiltration of the food chain. He also covered the statutory function of the UK Government Chemist as a route of technical appeal in the enforcement system.

Several referee cases have highlighted ‘bottlenecks’ in science such as database and bioinformatics deficits. The need for development of point of application, PoA, testing was identified as a bottleneck, Michael gave a glimpse of what is possible by mentioning LGC’s innovative, fast and reliable PoA, ParaDNA, to profile DNA samples which could provide rapid options to triage food samples. Michael highlighted the need for a culture of informed use of “good” labs which he concluded must be not only technically competent (having IEC/ISO 17025 accreditation or GLP), but also aware of the context and able to offer informed interpretation, aware of limits and limitations and of different techniques and databases already available.

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