Sep 22

Tour de LGC

Members of our Executive Leadership Team successfully completed their cycling challenge for Bloodwise on 3 September- and their timings were pretty impressive!Arriving in Twick 2

Our riders and walkers went from one LGC site to another starting at Brentwood and ending at Teddington, each group travelling to their nearest site.

The furthest distance travelled was cycled by Chief Executive, Tim Robinson, and  Mike van der Merwe (Commercial Director, Business Development) from Risley to Tamworth which was a staggering 95.53 miles! After washing down scrambled egg, two pancakes and various energy bars (all Informed-Sport accredited products, of course!), with 3L of water, they managed to complete their leg in 5 hours and 43 minutes and their average speed was 16.7mph.

The shortest leg was from Twickenham to Teddington, 2 miles, and completed in 39 minutes – no mean feat considering one of the team was on crutches!

Our riders also calculated the climbing of their route and Simon Parsons (Chief Financial Officer) and Mark Pearse (Commercial Director, LMS) had to cycle from Brentwood to Sandwich (which was a good 80.6 miles) at an elevation of 4429 ft.

Jim David Giulio BeccaAll in all it was a very successful charity event and all our participants had a lot of fun raising money for Bloodwise.

Jon Yeung, Finance Director for LGC, said, “As we strive to raise as much money as we can for this very worthwhile cause, we are also working to increase awareness about leukaemia and lymphoma amongst our people as part of a wider focus on employee wellbeing. Many of our employees have a personal connection with leukaemia and lymphoma and know first-hand the devastating effect a diagnosis can have. We aim to provide ‘Science for a safer world’ using our cutting edge scientific technology and services to support such a pivotal research project”.

(For more information about our fundraising efforts for Bloodwise, please check here)

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