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Is your company prepared for the EU’s forthcoming Data Protection Regulation?

Cyber security attacks

A well-publicised increase in cyber security attacks across commercial enterprises and a distrustful customer market are the background conditions for the imminent data privacy rule changes. It doesn’t matter whether you are big or small. If you have an IP address and are connected to the internet, you are fair game as far as hackers and cyber criminals are concerned.

Response to data breaches

Working towards unified data protection under General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), the European Commission will soon bring a significant shift for data privacy regulation for companies with 250+ employees. Not only does it call for companies to respond more quickly to a data breach, requiring that they notify their customers within 24 hours of becoming aware of one. Fines for noncompliance have moved significantly; from a capped fee to one that will range up to 5% of turnover.

There are a number of key steps to follow to be prepared and according to detailed research conducted by Experian* regarding business readiness, it is a story of misplaced confidence for UK companies. Although, on the outside they are broadly confident, looking beneath the surface the reality is that preparedness is not all it should be:

  • 34% do not have data breach response plans in place
  • 23% do not have crisis communications
  • 27% have no legal support
  • . . . and 63% – almost two-thirds do not include digital forensics assessment, planning or response!



Data privacy risks – Are you ready?

Companies seriously need to take notice, move fast and have necessary steps in place to reduce their organisation’s exposure to data privacy risks. All too often the digital forensics piece relating to a cyber attack is overlooked and a specialist is called in with no plan in place amidst the pressure of trying to deal with the live event. Reactively wading-in with unfamiliarity when an incident erupts is clearly not ideal, whereas prudent companies have already proactively make contact to ensure they have an expert as a sanctioned supplier in place today. This way they are already familiar with your systems, facilities, people, and processes to assist you with a forensic readiness assessment and plan, be prepared for issues before they arise, respond much more efficiently and save costly mistakes as well.

Our expertise in digital forensics

Digital forensics is an essential part of cyber breach readiness and response to lower risk, save unnecessary expense and plays a vital role for preserving the highest standard of evidence that would stand up in a court of law should that be required.

As the UK’s largest inclusive provider of forensic services, LGC have a highly skilled team of digital forensic investigators who work extensively with corporate clients, legal firms, and law enforcement to address cyber crime, fraud, employee misconduct, bullying or harassment suits, allegations of discrimination, wrongful termination claims, IP or data theft and computer/mobile phone misuse. By giving experienced technical insight and guidance and following strict data handling principles we ensure the integrity and continuity of digital evidence that may be pivotal to your investigation.

Webinar – Cyber Defence & EU General Data Protection Reform – are you ready?

To find out more, register for our webinar on “Cyber Defence & EU General Data Protection Reform – are you ready?“, which is taking place on 12 February 2016.

During the webinar the presenters will discuss the following:

  • Imminent European Union General Data Protection Regulation (EU GDPR)
  • Its origins and coverage related to the growing scale threats from cyber crime
  • The importance of being thoroughly prepared for cyber breach and incident response
  • Provide an opportunity for Q&A


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If you have any questions or would like further information, please do not hesitate to contact us.



*Data Breach Readiness 2.0 (A rapidly changing landscape means a radical rethink for UK businesses)



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