Jan 11

SSR conversion service: a convenient upgrade for 21st century challenges of how to feed the world

LGC’s recent launch of a full SSR conversion service allows convenient identification of potential SNP markers around microsatellites/SSR’s and converts them to KASP SNP genotyping assays. The SNP conversion will be carried out by the genomics team in Berlin who have recently topped their DNA sequencing services for the seventh time in nine years.

snpidentification_shadowSSRs are commonly used by researchers and plant breeders to introgress superior traits in terms of higher yields and productivity, better insect and disease resistance and improved nutrition.

Joris Parmentier, Product Marketing Manager, LGC, states, “LGC is committed to using our science for a safer world. In line with this our genomics expertise is being used as part of global breeding programmes with the aim of increasing global food production by 30% by 2050.

“Our science and technology identifies converts and screens the SNP sequences for  these desirable traits. We do this at an industrial scale, quicker, better and more cost-effectively for our customers. Our SSR conversion service is a convenient way to convert outdated SSR markers to new high throughput SNP genotyping and benefit from the advantages of SNP marker assisted selection.

“We can help our customers screen more samples, which in turn means confirmation of key markers more quickly, getting the crop with the improved trait to the market faster and resulting in a competitive advantage for our customers.

“Through collaborations with for example the African Orphan Crop Consortium (AOCC) LGC has been involved in bringing new tools and advancements in analysis techniques to developing countries. SSRs are extensively used – particularly in crops such as cocoa, sugar cane and coffee that are important sources of income in these countries. Our SSR conversion service ensures that the advantages of SNPs are made available globally to help those contributing to efforts to feed the world.”

For more on LGC’s SSR service click here.

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