Whilst science is at the core of our work at LGC, we strongly believe that science shouldn’t just be written by scientists for scientists. In fact, the beauty of science is that, at some level, it can be understood by anyone, and should be accessible to everyone. Science impacts on every aspect of our daily lives, so the aim of this blog is to demonstrate how science benefits everyone and to get people passionate about science.

About LGC 
LGC is an international life sciences measurement and testing company, which builds upon leading positions in sustainably growing markets. LGC provides reference materials, proficiency testing, genomics and analytical products and services which underpin the safety, health and security of the public to customers in the Pharmaceutical, Agricultural Bioscience, Food and Environment, Government and Academia, Security and Sports markets.

With headquarters in Teddington, South West London, LGC employs over 2,000 staff, operating out of 22 countries worldwide. Its operations are extensively accredited to international quality standards such as ISO/IEC 17025 and ISO Guide 34.

With a history dating back to 1842, LGC has been home to the UK Government Chemist for more than 100 years. It is the designated UK National Measurement Institute for Chemical and Bioanalytical measurement, providing metrology research, calibration and testing. LGC was privatised in 1996 and is now majority-owned by funds managed by Bridgepoint.

We have scientists hard at work finding out how to measure very small things in even better, more elaborate and more accurate ways. ‘Why?’ I hear you shout. Well, that’s the exact aim of this blog – to put understanding behind the science.

As previously mentioned you don’t need to be a researcher or working in a particular scientific field. This blog is about science, being passionate about science and giving some information about how LGC’s work helps to ensure science for a safer world.

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