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May 08

How do you give coffee authentication an extra shot?

With a high market value and commercial importance coffee is in the top 10 products most at risk of food fraud. A recent paper by the Government Chemist team at LGC, and the Institute of Global Food Security in Queen’s University, Belfast (QUB), tackles the question of where and how to analytically check the coffee …

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Feb 08

Is food allergen analysis flawed?

Food allergy is an increasing problem for those affected, their families or carers, the food industry and for regulators. The food supply chain is highly vulnerable to fraud involving food allergens, risking fatalities and severe reputational damage to the food industry. It is understood that food allergy affects  up to 10% of children and 2-3% …

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Dec 18

ScienceBites – Christmas edition

At LGC Teddington, we recently held a very informative event called ScienceBites. This event is aimed to encourage our colleagues at Teddington to share their science, meet new people and see the kind of work that goes on within LGC. This edition had a little Christmas twist! Many of our scientists presented their research and …

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Nov 21

Proficiency Testing and the fight against food fraud

The supply of food and beverages is now a massive worldwide industry generating trillions of pounds for producers, retailers and intermediaries. ‘Value’ is generally added at each stage of a product’s life and certain foods or beverages have ‘added value’ as a result of a designated geographical origin or as a result of production using …

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Nov 20

Food fraud or cross contamination: will it all come out in the wash?

When the ‘horse meat incident’ emerged in January 2013, it caused anger and consternation from many consumers. They felt duped and cheated, but were all instances a case of unscrupulous businesses trying to profiteer at the expense of food safety? A large scale investigation was launched into the food industry to establish how far reaching …

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Nov 19

Why are thousands of people counting down the days to 13 December?

A selection of nuts on a wooden spoon

Saturday 13 December is an important day for anyone with a serious food allergy in the UK, for it marks a significant shift in the burden of responsibility caterers have towards customers with allergies. It is the day that catering businesses, including restaurants, takeaways, bakeries and delicatessens, must tell customers if any of the 14 …

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Nov 18

Food authenticity: more than just a question of taste


Not any old pie can hold the name of Melton Mowbray pork pie. Similarly, only a pasty made in Cornwall following the traditional recipe can be called a Cornish pasty and only specific bottles of plonk can be declared as champagne. These products have all been awarded special status that protects their name in the …

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Nov 17

The Government Chemist Conference 2014

With a history dating back to 1842, LGC remains home to the unique function of the Government Chemist. Providing expert opinion, based on independent chemical and bioanalytical measurement, we help to avoid or resolve disputes pertaining to food and agriculture in order to protect the public. The Government Chemist Conference, ‘Beating the cheats: Quality, safety …

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