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Jan 20

The benefits of Marker Assisted Selection/Breeding

Last week we attended the Plant and Animal Genome Conference (PAG), which provides a forum on the recent developments and future plans for plant and animal genome projects. At PAG LGC’s scientists provided information on LGC’s genomics offerings, including Marker Assisted Selection/Breeding (MAS/MAB). MAS is a process whereby a marker (morphological, biochemical or one based …

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Aug 21

We may be exposed to dioxins but how can we maintain Standards?

Sometimes it seems that dioxins are never really that far from the news. Perhaps it started in 1976, when an accident at a chemical manufacturing plant in Italy (in what became known as the Seveso disaster) gave rise to standardised industry regulations known as Seveso II Directive. This was followed in 1983, when a dioxin …

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Jul 05

Helping football shirts avoid an own goal

LGC’s Consumer Protection team provides advice and analytical services on consumer products and materials to show compliance with chemical requirements contained in regulations and standards. With increasing responsibilities on manufacturers and suppliers to comply with chemical legislation, there is a need for independent testing to demonstrate that requirements have been met. Why is this type …

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May 16

River Thames clean up

Enjoy a sunny stroll along the River Thames this time of year and you are almost guaranteed to spot some wildlife – most commonly ducks and swans, but if you’re lucky maybe a small mammal, heron or in some parts of the River Thames, even a seal! And of course there’s a multitude of insects. …

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