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Jul 25

Fromelles: The spirit lives

The Battle of Fromelles commenced on 19 July 1916, 19 days after the opening of the Somme campaign on the Western Front. It is a day and a place that is marked by a tragic sacrifice as this day is the bloodiest day of battle in  Australia’s military history. The 5th Australian Division had arrived in …

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Feb 23

HR digital evidence – is your company prepared?

The media focus on external cyber criminals targeting the data of individuals and corporates is a definite concerning risk of 21st-century business. That data could be damaged, destroyed or misappropriated by insider threat brings the danger much closer to home for HR professionals. As the wardens of workplace investigations, HR is increasingly faced with the challenge …

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Jan 21

Is your company prepared for the EU’s forthcoming Data Protection Regulation?

Cyber security attacks A well-publicised increase in cyber security attacks across commercial enterprises and a distrustful customer market are the background conditions for the imminent data privacy rule changes. It doesn’t matter whether you are big or small. If you have an IP address and are connected to the internet, you are fair game as …

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Nov 07

Remembrance Sunday: Remembering Fromelles

As a nation we have a duty to honour those who have given their lives for our country. On Remembrance Sunday this weekend, we will remember the millions of servicemen who have fought for our freedom. In the hundredth year since the start of the First World War many of us will remember the 10 …

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Aug 28

You’re invited to LGC’s end of summer barbecue!

As we near the last couple of weeks of summer, you may heating up your barbecue whilst enjoying the last few rays of sun. But do you know how safe the food is you’re eating, and do you know what’s really on the menu? LGC offers an unmatched range of standards and proficiency testing schemes, …

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Aug 18

LGC scientists attend ‘deeply moving’ Fromelles memorial ceremony

The Battle for Fromelles took place on July 19 1916. It resulted in the death of 4000 British and commonwealth soldiers and has consequently become known as the worst 24 hours in Australian history. Since 2009, LGC scientists have worked alongside the Commonwealth War Graves Commission and Oxford Archaeology to identify the fallen soldiers. So …

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Apr 28

A further twenty Fromelles soldiers identified

In April 2014, defence officials confirmed that a further 20 soldiers killed in the Battle of Fromelles have been identified. Since 2009, LGC has worked closely with the Australian and British governments, Commonwealth War Graves Commission and the MoD to recover and then use DNA samples to identify soldiers. The recent developments brings the total number of soldiers …

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Jan 16

Can we stay on top of legal highs?

  Last week it emerged that the UK death rate from Novel Psychoactive Substances (NPS), more commonly known as ‘legal highs’, is double the European average. Experts also warned that the rate at which new drugs are entering the market continues to rise. Legal highs are a global problem. A UN report last week declared that …

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Nov 18

DNA in Food and Forensics

Michael Walker, Science and Food Law Consultant with LGC, recently gave a well received talk on DNA in the McClay Library at Queens University, Belfast. The aim of the talk was to inform and update RSC and IFST members in NI on DNA topics as part of the annual lecture series run by RSC local …

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May 09

LGC supports science, innovation, research, analysis and…“This Morning”

LGC is a world leader in forensic science and the UK’s leading full service forensics provider. We offer a comprehensive range of forensic science services, based on an extensive range of techniques and serve the police, crime enforcement agencies and an increasing number of private sector clients. In order to highlight the role that forensic …

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