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Feb 13

Valentine’s Day: its all about chemistry

LGC products and services are used in all aspects of people’s day to day lives, even on Valentine’s Day. Whatever you’re doing this Valentine’s Day, there’s a good chance one of our offerings is helping to make your evening magical, without you even realising. Romantic dinner for two: Whether you’re indulging yourself at a top …

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Jan 16

LGC attends PAG

This week in San Diego, PAGXXII brought together over 2,800 leading genetic scientists and researchers in plant and animal research, and over 130 exhibits, 150 workshops, over 1000 posters and 1800 abstracts. LGC attended PAG to participate in symposia where we discussed partnering to deliver key genomic solutions for breeding and development. We also ran …

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Dec 23

Early success for the African Orphan Crops Consortium

The African Orphan Crops Consortium (AOCC) is an international effort to improve the nutrition, productivity and climatic adaptability of some of Africa’s most important food crops, helping to decrease the malnutrition and stunting rife among the continent’s rural children. It includes the African Union – New Partnership for Africa’s Development; LGC; Mars; Google; ICRAF; BGI; …

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Oct 24

How genomics helped determine the roots of the potato blight

Recently, a team of international scientists have used DNA sequencing to effectively determine the cause of the Irish potato famine. Having been introduced to Europe in the sixteenth century from Peru, the potato soon became an important food staple that played a major role in the 19th century population boom in Europe. The Europeans propagated …

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Jan 21

Where’s the value in burger fraud?


Investigations are under way to try to find out how beefburgers on sale in UK and Irish supermarkets became contaminated with horsemeat. When asked about the issue, Michael Walker, Science and Food Law Consultant with LGC, said, “In the UK the presence of horsemeat and, for some, pigmeat in beefburgers, is objectionable and emphasises the …

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Jul 20

Happy Birthday Gregor Mendel

Today’s Google logo celebrates the 189th birthday of Gregor Mendel, the ‘father of modern genetics’. As an ex-laboratory scientist, but still working in a chemical and biological institute, it‘s times like these that send me into whoops of delight, as it‘s a chance to look back to see how the novel genomic technology we take …

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