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Nov 01

What’s new in measurement?

At LGC we love measurement science, but realise it’s not to everyone’s tastes! So we’ve developed Catalyst, a newsletter that takes the vast discipline of metrology and makes it more digestible. In this issue discover how LGC is applying leading-edge science and the development of improved measurement procedures to underpin some of the most challenging …

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May 14

World Metrology Day 2012 – Measurement for safety

World Metrology Day celebrates the signature by representatives of seventeen nations of the Meter Convention on 20 May 1875. The Convention set the framework for global collaboration in the science of measurement and in its industrial, commercial and societal application. The original aim of the Metre Convention – the worldwide uniformity of measurement – remains …

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Mar 27

The world’s most expensive chocolate?

The world’s most expensive chocolate is called ‘Madeleine’. It contains a creamy ganache made from French Valrhona chocolate, blended with cream, vanilla and pure Italian truffle oil, surrounding a rare truffle. Selling at over £150 per individual chocolate, it is certainly a decadent treat! However, LGC the UK’s designated National Measurement Institute for chemical and …

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Feb 07

Dmitri Mendeleev – creator of the periodic table

The periodic table is fundamental to chemistry. Anyone who has sat though school chemistry lessons will remember it as an important tool for understanding chemical reactions. Today is 178 years since the birth of the creator of the periodic table, Russian chemist, Dmitri Mendeleev. Mendeleev was born in 1834. His father a teacher of fine …

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Dec 20

Add some Chemistry to your Christmas

Christmas is a time of plenty, but when you sit down to tuck in to your Christmas dinner, the last thing you want to think about is whether your food is safe to eat. Fortunately the Government Chemist function is in place to ensure food safety from farm to fork. …However, the quality of your …

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Dec 19

Discover chemistry with LGC

International Year of Chemistry 2011, designated as the International Year of Chemistry’ (IYC 2011), was an entire year devoted to the celebration of chemistry. Under the unifying theme “Chemistry – our life, our future” IYC 2011 was a worldwide initiative to increase public appreciation of chemistry in meeting world needs, to encourage interest in chemistry …

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Dec 09

New research from LGC

Discover LGC’s latest research in the winter 2011 edition of Catalyst. Find out how we are applying leading-edge science and the development of improved measurement procedures to underpin some of the most challenging and important measurements made in the UK. Read pages 7 & 8 to find out how our knowledge transfer activities can help …

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Nov 29

Missed out on the Government Chemist public lecture?

Listen to the lecture here and learn how the Government Chemist revealed a link to Captain Scott’s 1901 Antarctic Discovery expedition.

Oct 04

Happy Birthday mole

On this day in October 1971, the mole was officially adopted as a base quantity of the International System of Units (SI) of measurement by the General Conference on Weights and Measures. Measurement has been important to our societies from as far back as 3000BC with the development of the royal cubit, defined as the …

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Sep 29

We’ve got great chemistry!

Download our poster here and discover how chemistry enhances all our lives on a daily basis. 2011 is ‘The International Year of Chemistry’ (IYC 2011) is an entire year devoted to the celebration of chemistry. So we have been thinking about all the ways chemistry influences our lives from the moment we wake up, eat breakfast, …

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