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Jan 27

Securing UK borders: the measurements making you safer

The increasing threat posed by terrorism is one of the major challenges facing UK border security [2015 UK Government National Security Risk Assessment]. When you or your luggage is screened as you pass through an airport, it will typically be done using an ion mobility spectrometer (IMS). This is well-established technology: in 2004 alone there …

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Feb 23

HR digital evidence – is your company prepared?

The media focus on external cyber criminals targeting the data of individuals and corporates is a definite concerning risk of 21st-century business. That data could be damaged, destroyed or misappropriated by insider threat brings the danger much closer to home for HR professionals. As the wardens of workplace investigations, HR is increasingly faced with the challenge …

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Nov 07

Remembrance Sunday: Remembering Fromelles

As a nation we have a duty to honour those who have given their lives for our country. On Remembrance Sunday this weekend, we will remember the millions of servicemen who have fought for our freedom. In the hundredth year since the start of the First World War many of us will remember the 10 …

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Jan 28

Alcohol and drug facilitated sexual assault

Today, Stephen Kayongo, Toxicology Casework Team Lead at LGC, appeared on This Morning’s regular ‘Crime Week’ to provide expert opinion during a feature on drink spiking. Drink spiking is strongly linked to drug facilitated sexual assault (DFSA), which refers to the use of a drug, noxious substance or chemical agent to facilitate sexual contact. It …

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Jan 16

Can we stay on top of legal highs?

  Last week it emerged that the UK death rate from Novel Psychoactive Substances (NPS), more commonly known as ‘legal highs’, is double the European average. Experts also warned that the rate at which new drugs are entering the market continues to rise. Legal highs are a global problem. A UN report last week declared that …

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May 15

Detecting explosives with measurement

Ion mobility spectrometry is a technique used by the law enforcement and security sectors for detecting volatile substances such as drugs, explosives and chemical weapons. The ability to deploy these instruments in the harshest of environments, including their hand-held use by the military in detecting chemical warfare agents, has resulted in ion mobility spectrometers being …

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Jun 14

The Hair Detectives

In celebration of the International Year of Chemistry, meet the second of LGC‘s Measurement Professionals: The Hair Detectives ‘Because you’re worth it’ – What does your hair say about you? Scientist: Dr Sarah Hill Challenge: To develop a method for chronological forensic analyses of hair samples. Research: Throughout life, your hair and fingernails accumulate trace elements …

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Apr 13

Six simple ways to ensure your social networking safety

I am the Business Unit Head of Digital and Document Forensics for the E-crime Forensics Group. I am responsible for the IT, web development, R&D and operational teams with particular involvement in the development of commercial digital forensic business. As such, I thought I’d share with you some of my knowledge of social networking so …

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