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Mar 15

Nitrate in infants’ vegetable food

Nitrate is a natural contaminant present mainly in vegetables and drinking water although it is frequently added as a preservative in processed meat products. Plants utilise nitrogen from the environment as part of the nitrate cycle, for their metabolism and to produce protein. Any excess quantity of nitrate is stored mainly in green leaves.  In …

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May 11

Hot off the press: Catalyst newsletter is out now

Have you ever wondered about the causes of water pollution or how we can find a solution to drug resistant diseases? To learn about these and other measurement issues, download the latest issue of Catalyst, a newsletter which brings you highlights of LGC’S activities as a designated National Measurement Institute (NMI) under the UK National …

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Apr 15

Environmental testing: Getting the measure of success

Pollution is a global issue, with interconnected environmental and health consequences. Outdoor air pollution at current levels in the UK makes a significant contribution to mortality. It has a greater burden, in terms of estimated total population survival time, than the mortality impacts of environmental tobacco smoke or road traffic accidents[i]. Water polluted with heavy …

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Aug 21

We may be exposed to dioxins but how can we maintain Standards?

Sometimes it seems that dioxins are never really that far from the news. Perhaps it started in 1976, when an accident at a chemical manufacturing plant in Italy (in what became known as the Seveso disaster) gave rise to standardised industry regulations known as Seveso II Directive. This was followed in 1983, when a dioxin …

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May 16

River Thames clean up

Enjoy a sunny stroll along the River Thames this time of year and you are almost guaranteed to spot some wildlife – most commonly ducks and swans, but if you’re lucky maybe a small mammal, heron or in some parts of the River Thames, even a seal! And of course there’s a multitude of insects. …

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Apr 06

Drink Up! Measurement ensures our water is safe to drink

In the UK we are lucky. Our drinking water is among the best in the world with the highest safety standards and quality. We can turn on our taps with the certainty of a safe, clean and refreshing water supply. However, as we are all too aware, this is not the case in other parts …

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