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May 08

How do you give coffee authentication an extra shot?

With a high market value and commercial importance coffee is in the top 10 products most at risk of food fraud. A recent paper by the Government Chemist team at LGC, and the Institute of Global Food Security in Queen’s University, Belfast (QUB), tackles the question of where and how to analytically check the coffee …

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Feb 08

Is food allergen analysis flawed?

Food allergy is an increasing problem for those affected, their families or carers, the food industry and for regulators. The food supply chain is highly vulnerable to fraud involving food allergens, risking fatalities and severe reputational damage to the food industry. It is understood that food allergy affects  up to 10% of children and 2-3% …

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Sep 08

World Seafood Conference 2015

Managing director of Michael Walker Consulting Ltd Michael gave a talk on the 8th of September, at the World Seafood Conference in Grimsby, UK which will run between the 5th and the 10th. This conference aims to build on existing partnerships and create new links between the International Association of Fish Inspectors (IAFI) members and …

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Jul 10

Allergic reactions: a serious consequence of food fraud

LGC now offers the first peanut allergen quality control (QC) materials that have been prepared in the same way as oral food challenge materials used to diagnose peanut allergies. LGC’s new QC reference materials, developed in conjunction with The University of Manchester, can now address difficulties such as ensuring sufficient homogeneity and long term stability, …

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Jan 09

Whisky for Burns Night? Science to identify adulteration

As Burns Night approaches, so does the age old question of which whisky best accompanies haggis. Whilst the whisky connoisseurs may choose to deliberate on this question endlessly, you may simply want to be assured that your chosen whisky brand is authentic. Bootlegging, adulteration, counterfeiting – call it what you will, but according to Her …

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Jun 16

The Food Fighters

You are what you eat…but what are you actually eating? Scientist: The Government Chemist Field: Food chemistry Challenge: To protect public safety, health, value for money and consumer choice and resolve disputes over cases of suspected food adulteration. Research: In the early 19th Century, the deliberate adulteration of food was common practice. For example, fake …

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