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Mar 20

Ultrasensitive immunoassays using single molecule counting technology

Traditional ELISA-based immunoassays have struggled to determine baseline endogenous concentrations for many biomarkers. The Erenna® Immunoassay System is based on the same principles as a plate-based sandwich ELISA but offers 50-1000 fold greater sensitivity through a combination of microparticle bead (MB) capture and single molecule counting of fluorescently labelled detection molecules. MB’s have the dual …

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Jul 04

The science of going for gold

In the highly competitive field of elite sport, it is not just a mix of athleticism, grit and determination that leads to success and a coveted gold medal. Athletes and their coaches regularly turn to science to help them assess physiological status and wellbeing in an attempt to optimise any competitive advantage. Stress biomarkers, such …

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Oct 24

How genomics helped determine the roots of the potato blight

Recently, a team of international scientists have used DNA sequencing to effectively determine the cause of the Irish potato famine. Having been introduced to Europe in the sixteenth century from Peru, the potato soon became an important food staple that played a major role in the 19th century population boom in Europe. The Europeans propagated …

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Jun 09

The Record Breaker – Reaching for gold

Every day our scientists at LGC are finding solutions to measurement challenges that affect our quality of life and the global economy. Using a vast array of chemical and bioanalytical measurements, our scientists develop new methods and improve techniques that enable accurate, traceable and comparable measurement results to ensure ‘Science for a safer world’. To …

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