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Aug 20

How safe is your BBQ? This is how LGC makes sure that it is.

It’s not been the best of summers here in the UK but hopefully you’ve managed to enjoy a BBQ or two… But do you know how safe your BBQ is? Do you know exactly what is on the menu? LGC helps to make sure that your summer BBQ is safe and only makes use of …

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Jun 26

Food safety and quality – how fresh is your fish?

The moment a fish is caught it begins the natural process of decay, being broken down by enzymes (from the fish itself or bacteria naturally present). Measuring the resulting chemicals produced gives a measure of the freshness, and thus the quality, of the fish. Similarly, as LGC’s Michael Walker asks in a recent article for Food Science …

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Jan 21

Where’s the value in burger fraud?


Investigations are under way to try to find out how beefburgers on sale in UK and Irish supermarkets became contaminated with horsemeat. When asked about the issue, Michael Walker, Science and Food Law Consultant with LGC, said, “In the UK the presence of horsemeat and, for some, pigmeat in beefburgers, is objectionable and emphasises the …

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Jul 05

Helping football shirts avoid an own goal

LGC’s Consumer Protection team provides advice and analytical services on consumer products and materials to show compliance with chemical requirements contained in regulations and standards. With increasing responsibilities on manufacturers and suppliers to comply with chemical legislation, there is a need for independent testing to demonstrate that requirements have been met. Why is this type …

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Jul 08

Government Chemist – our national safeguard

The latest Government Chemist Review highlights some of the cases the Government Chemist resolved in 2010 as part of its role to resolve disputes relating to food and agricultural law. The Government Chemist is a statutory function that is maintained at LGC, the UK’s designated National Measurement Institute for chemical and bioanalytical measurement. Cases include: …

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