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Aug 11

Space is the place…to experiment

Bugs in Space – ATCC® Microbes are Go! by Lauren Cracknell. Students taking part in the ISSET programme at King’s College, London, have designed and prepared ‘micro-gravity experiments’ using ATCC’s Microbes. The intrepid microbes were launched into space on-board the Falcon 9 rocket and rendezvoused with the International Space Station on 5 June. The aim of …

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Mar 15

Nitrate in infants’ vegetable food

Nitrate is a natural contaminant present mainly in vegetables and drinking water although it is frequently added as a preservative in processed meat products. Plants utilise nitrogen from the environment as part of the nitrate cycle, for their metabolism and to produce protein. Any excess quantity of nitrate is stored mainly in green leaves.  In …

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Mar 13

Are your assay values below specification?

“The result I’ve found for the assay value in my API or finished dosage form is below my specification. Is there a problem with my reference standard?” is a question often asked by users of pharmaceutical reference materials. Some may even assume that there has been some degradation with the reference material they have applied. …

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Apr 14

LGC can help develop new medications

This week saw World Parkinson’s Day and Dr Christian Zeine from our Standards team has been sharing his thoughts on how we are able to help develop new medications to treat this chronic and progressive disorder. “With current medical knowledge, Parkinson’s can be treated effectively, but there is no final cure at this stage. Well known …

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Oct 12

Isotope ratio analysis: setting the standards

LGC has produced the world’s first reference material certified for carbon isotope ratios traceable to the SI (International System of Units). But why is this important? Food authenticity and forensics Stable isotope ratio analysis can be used to determine food authenticity, for identifying counterfeit drugs and for forensic drug analysis. The analysis provides an isotopic …

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Aug 20

How safe is your BBQ? This is how LGC makes sure that it is.

It’s not been the best of summers here in the UK but hopefully you’ve managed to enjoy a BBQ or two… But do you know how safe your BBQ is? Do you know exactly what is on the menu? LGC helps to make sure that your summer BBQ is safe and only makes use of …

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Aug 28

You’re invited to LGC’s end of summer barbecue!

As we near the last couple of weeks of summer, you may heating up your barbecue whilst enjoying the last few rays of sun. But do you know how safe the food is you’re eating, and do you know what’s really on the menu? LGC offers an unmatched range of standards and proficiency testing schemes, …

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Jan 16

Can we stay on top of legal highs?

  Last week it emerged that the UK death rate from Novel Psychoactive Substances (NPS), more commonly known as ‘legal highs’, is double the European average. Experts also warned that the rate at which new drugs are entering the market continues to rise. Legal highs are a global problem. A UN report last week declared that …

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Aug 21

We may be exposed to dioxins but how can we maintain Standards?

Sometimes it seems that dioxins are never really that far from the news. Perhaps it started in 1976, when an accident at a chemical manufacturing plant in Italy (in what became known as the Seveso disaster) gave rise to standardised industry regulations known as Seveso II Directive. This was followed in 1983, when a dioxin …

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May 17

A standard meal – But would you want to eat it?

Previously I have written about a chocolate reference material which is used to help ensure quality control in the manufacture of chocolate. We produce a host of reference materials that look like the food being tested, and it got me thinking, do we produce enough reference materials to make a reference material meal, a ‘standard’ …

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