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Aug 11

Space is the place…to experiment

Bugs in Space – ATCC® Microbes are Go! by Lauren Cracknell. Students taking part in the ISSET programme at King’s College, London, have designed and prepared ‘micro-gravity experiments’ using ATCC’s Microbes. The intrepid microbes were launched into space on-board the Falcon 9 rocket and rendezvoused with the International Space Station on 5 June. The aim of …

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Feb 12

Quality, controlled, science for a safer world

Reference materials are essential for the scientific community to perform vital research, enabling validation of a material’s quality, analytical measurement methods or for the precise calibration of instruments. Of course, by their nature, some authentic and highly characterised materials are potentially hazardous to customers, but their sale and distribution takes place within a number of …

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Oct 03

Rapid rise in workplace drugs testing

The BBC today have said that workplace drug testing has increased significantly in the UK. In an article, which featured LGC, the BBC claimed that the rise in the number of annual tests carried out by drugs screening companies is between 40 and 470%. LGC has seen a 100% increase in the number of annual …

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Jan 28

Alcohol and drug facilitated sexual assault

Today, Stephen Kayongo, Toxicology Casework Team Lead at LGC, appeared on This Morning’s regular ‘Crime Week’ to provide expert opinion during a feature on drink spiking. Drink spiking is strongly linked to drug facilitated sexual assault (DFSA), which refers to the use of a drug, noxious substance or chemical agent to facilitate sexual contact. It …

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Jul 05

Helping football shirts avoid an own goal

LGC’s Consumer Protection team provides advice and analytical services on consumer products and materials to show compliance with chemical requirements contained in regulations and standards. With increasing responsibilities on manufacturers and suppliers to comply with chemical legislation, there is a need for independent testing to demonstrate that requirements have been met. Why is this type …

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